About Us

About RPG Estate

We, RPG Estate, are in fact a Real Estate Services Company which lay its concentration on Commercial Properties in Delhi. However, our coverage spreads across to other NCR regions especially Gurgaon.

RPG Estate has become highly capable of providing wider ranges of real estate services including transactional and professional services. We have grown fast and at present we own nearly 30,000 m2 of office spaces. Thus the name RPG Estate remains one of the best for acquiring a suitable Office Space in Delhi or Lease Delhi property. We hold large numbers of commercial properties in Delhi.

Anyone who seeks a proper Office Space in Gurgaon can also approach us with the same mood and spirit because, as we said, our service is extended to Gurgaon too. Thus we are of help in your search for any Commercial Properties in Gurgaon. Anyone can feel free to approach us for meeting their need to Lease Gurgaon Property. We offer you the best deal.

Services of RPG Estate are extended to all matters which are related to sales or leasing of any property. We offer our wholehearted service in matters like market researches or property management services, sale/leaseback, tenant delegation/representation, construction management and any other matters related to real estate. We strive hard and aim to tackle all the future – hassles which may arise in the property investment.

High -qualified professionals act as strong pillars of RPG Estate. They have made us a reliable name with their quality services which enable our clients to be free of all legal hassles and worries. They provide accurate pieces of legal advice out of their enormous experience in the legal fields.

RPG Estate successfully and effectively covers every aspect of real estate investments. This has really made us an approachable and reliable firm for getting an Office for Rent in Delhi or an Office for Rent in Gurgaon.

We offer you full range of investor services. Our field of service contains consultation, sales and leasing, research works, representation, etc. We even manage various portfolios of the investors profitably for them.

We assist and lead the investors to have profitable real estate investment. You can experience that we help them in each of their steps. We realize that lack of information or opportunity has made many investors unsuccessful. We help them to become successful and rise to the top.

We offer service out of our comprehensive knowledge on real estate market of India. This enables us to guide the investors rightly to a brighter future. We stand with our clients in their every step of investment. We even will help you to make the right decision to sell/purchase own/any property.